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Megalink Premium Blogger Template (Unlimited License)

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Megalink is a quick speed upgraded multipurpose promoting presentation page format with loads of components and instant demos with a more prominent level of customization prospects. This layout must be utilized on Blogger Stage. 

Megalink is a layout that has 2 current perspectives where on the front it is just explicitly for connections to different pages, while one of the static segments with joins that have been uncommonly made has a Greeting page show with a very present day look. 

There are such countless benefits of this MegaLink layout, which isn't just for individual use, yet additionally for different points, for example, business since one of the exceptionally made pages has a point of arrival show.

    Template Features

  • 100% Full Responsive
  • jQuery v3.6.0
  • Font Awesome Pro 6.2.0
  • Lazysizes v4.1.8
  • SEO Friendly
  • Valid Structured Data Google
  • Valid CSS3
  • Valid HTML5
  • Landing Page
  • Header Social Media
  • Menu
  • Pricing Table
  • Slider
  • DarkMode
  • Recent Posts
  • Social Share
  • 3 Ad Slots in Articles
  • Comment
  • Back to top
  • More...


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