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BStores Responsive Blogger Format is the most recent Shopping layout on temabanua which has extremely complete elements. With an exceptionally perfect look, this layout looks more expert. 

In contrast to the past layout, to be specific Gooshop, the Modrnshop format as of now has very complete elements, which incorporate a purchaser notice button while adding a thing, a quick notice will show up, currently finished, Transportation Expenses, Source ID, PayPal and some more

Template Features

  • Lighthouse Theme Report – Test results 

  • Mobile Frendly | Responsive – Test results 

  • Schema Markup Valid 100% – Test results 

  • Fast Loading ThemeTest results 

  • Support Desainer Theme – Open 

  • No Code Understanding Required

  • Product Post Creation Tool - View

  • Dark Mode Button 

  • Font Google :

    • Roboto | 400 | 500 | 700

    • Poppins | 400 | 500 | 700

    • GB Museo Sans | 500 | 600 | 700

  • Icon SVG Type :

    • – Materials Designs Icon

    • – Getbootstrap Icon

  • API Instagram New

  • Header Sticky – True / False 

  • LinksList Menu Navigasi 

  • Slider Images Barner 
  • Widget Layout v.2 
  • Related Product 
  • Gallery Images Product | Lightbox 
  • Checkout Form order WhatsApp 
  • Widgets Livechat 
  • Contact form WhatsApp 
  • Contact Form Blogger 
  • Option Size Product 
  • Option Color 
  • Product
    Layout Newbie Frendly 
  • Page Error 404 / Error 
  • Search
    Search Page / Labels Page 
  • Pages Blogs for Writing 
  • Tab labels Descripsion and Informasion 

  • Coments System :

    • Blogger

    • API WidgetPack

  • System
    Status product Slod Out and Discount 
  • Footer link Atribute 

᭙᭙᭙ Ňᶤα𝔻Ž𝐠𝐍 𝕔𝕠𝕞

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Don't wait to be perfect to dare to start, because we have procrastinated too much just for fear of failure.

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