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Faizanews Responsive Blogger Template

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Faizanews is a blogger template that is among the best in terms of SEO friendliness and optimization. It aims to give bloggers all the advantages of a magazine theme. A unique website that adheres to modern online best practices is called Faizanews. 

Faizanews can provide a blogger using the Gutenberg editor with several features, such as stunning typography, simple customization, and, of course, a very imaginative homepage. Decide wisely, then, and choose Faizanews as the content provider for your website. 

Furthermore, this theme has a ton of features, recent content per label, structured code that makes it popular with search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and others, and a display that you can have by turning on true for full container width or false for the box display.

    Template Features

  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • mobile friendly
  • 404 page
  • Fast charge
  • Featured post
  • shortcode
  • List for Adsense
  • responsive page
  • buttons to social networks
  • ads ready
  • Multiple dropdown menu
  • search box
  • Barra lateral
  • Thumbnail Related Posts
  • Social sharing button
  • Multiple customizable widgets
  • detailed documentation
  • Menu and responsive design
  • Responsive download buttons
  • comments section


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